Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Paraguayan World Cup babe Larissa Riquelme makes another appearance

Paraguayan super-fan Larissa Riquelme is really enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. She lit the internet on fire a few weeks ago when she showed up to a World Cup game in a rather busty looking jersey.

And now it appears the Paraguayan model is almost relishing the attention. Here are some more pics of Riquelme at yesterday’s Paraguay/New Zealand game.

GBP/USD breaks yesterday's low, bottoms at 1.5011
GBP/USD weakened further south on Tuesday, as risk-prone investors vanished off on dented risk appetite. The market conditions appealed bears to come in, riding the pair down from an opening at 1.5102.

The free-fall shed nearly 100 pips off Cable's value as the downside rally hit its lowest level at 1.5011, surpassing by 5 pips yesterday's low at 1.5016. At present, GBP is picking up to the upside as the corrective leg drives through 1.5030.

According to Futures TECHS, “short term support and resistance levels of note can be taken at R: 1.5241, 1.5175, 1.5149, 1.5129. S: 1.5074, 1.5017, 1.4960, 1.4915”.

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