Sunday, June 6, 2010

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Have you gotten through all your companies policy and procedures documents yet? Most network marketers never read all the documents and contracts that the MLM company has with you as an independent representative. This is a bad thing, because you only can trust people in your organization to explain it. I have read many of them and personally, most people would need an attorney to review them. Now, if you have, you have seen the fine print where it talks that you can not advertise on the web or any other printed documents the company or the products with out approval from the company. And I fully understand this and I believe this protects you and them. However, this is where most network marketers fail. If they can not advertise, then they have to talk to friends and family and that does not work.

Now, let me talk about major discount stores and lawn and garden stores. These businesses generally do not make their money on their branded products, do they? They make their money by selling name brand products for other well know and respected companies. Now, why do you not just go to the horses mouth to get your products and why do you use the middle man? What the discount stores and garden stores do is sell you themselves them and you never think twice about it. When I say they sell themselves, what is it that gets you to shop with them many times a week? Here is a list that are the top items:

1. Convenience
2. Discounts they sell products for since they buy massive quantities and they pass on savings
3. They have "knowledgeable experts" to assist you
4. They have inventory available to you

Now, why do they carry more than one solution? It makes them more money. They give sales based upon inventory and what the suppliers will do to get the costs down.

Now, in your business, you have many solutions or your product addresses many problems. Not everyone will have the same concerns, so you need to talk to the person about what they need. You have the products that you can be the expert on. Would you use a product that did not work? If you are doing personal care products, is it not your personal care business? If you say that you are, Avon, Mary Kay, Nuskin, or BeautiControl, then for every lawsuit are you going to take ownership of the issues from every customer?

Now, another reason why you market yourself. If you are talking to me and you said you were one of the companies that I just mentioned, why would I not go find the product where I could find it the cheapest? I could look on eBay.

In closing, I will recommend that you need to learn to market yourself and your solutions. Could you have more than one supplier? Yes. Could you have More than one solution? Yes. Now if you are the leader and giving me the benefits of awesome customer service, I will come to you with out looking for other options.

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