Tuesday, July 13, 2010

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Use the Law of Attraction to Improve Friendships
Lonely? Why is that? Could it be because you're just not interested in other people, in their joys and their problems? Do you ever offer a sympathetic shoulder or do you just say "I don't have time."

If you want to have good friends you must first be a good friend yourself. Really listen when people talk to you. Offer positive suggestions and give an encouraging smile. Accept that 4 a.m. phone call with a smile. Consider it an honor that someone has reached out to you to help them in their hour of need. Offer a car ride or a few dollars if they need the help. Even if you've heard the same story again for the hundredth time, pretend like it's the first. Let each person come away a little better just for having spoken to you. Say a silent prayer for them.

Why should you do this? Because in your time of need, you'd like someone to do the same for you. The Law of Attraction tells us that what we vibrate out in the world returns to you. Do you want the compassion of a dear friend to come back to you, or do you want the cold shoulder?

Everyone wants to be appreciated, loved and understood. They want to be listened to when they speak. They like to think that their jokes are funny and their stories entertaining. And that includes you. You know the old saying "no man is an island"-it's true. No one wants to be alone. Not really. And not all the time. Wanting some solitude here and there is a far cry for always being alone because you seem to be cold and aloof.

So next time you want to turn a deaf ear to a friend's problems, the next time you want to close yourself off in a shell, think about whether you want to stay there forever. Make the wrong choice and you just might.

Deborah Ailman is a Master Law of Attraction Instructor and Practitioner living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with her husband of nearly 25 years. She is an avid animal lover and contributes to animal charities worldwide.

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